MacBooks and book books

I made an appointment at the Apple Store today to get my MacBook fixed. The disk drive was still set to the European zone from our spring abroad. Why disk drive functioning changes by continent, I don't know.

Apple Stores all look the same: clean, bright, white, modern. "Techy," a made up word I found in my reading at work today. All the employees wore short-sleeved simple navy t-shirts. So many screens. People gathered around them. People (including me) needed help fixing their screens. And while we waited, we stared at more screens. I found myself craving a book, with real crinkly pages and an old book smell. When I looked in my big black tote, I found my MacBook, an iPad, and an iPhone, but no real book.

We talk and think and write a lot about the problems of technology. But if we honestly searched our lives and our bags, would we find any actual books there? Today I didn't, but tomorrow I will.