Free time – Letter no. 3

This morning I finished my daily list by 10:30am . My next thing was church at 5:00pm. This left me with six and a half hours of completely free time for the first time in forever.

In school there was always something to write, read, or study. "Free" time always had a cost, paid with late hours in the library. But, I'm no longer a student, and this time was delightfully, disorientingly free. 

I called my sister to ask for ideas, 

baked sourdough bread,

chatted with a friend,

went for a walk,

unloaded our dishwasher,

wrote a grocery list and a budget,

read Lunch in Paris,

edited an essay,

rearranged my bookshelf, 

and then went to church.

A lot of things, all things that have at some point been on my daily list and done like a chore. Doing them of my own freedom felt a hundred times better.